Curriculum vitae Marcel Pinas

Personal information
Date of Birth22 march 1971
Place of BirthPelgrimkondre
South America
Education & Residencies
2022Residency at Cul Solo ,Breda ,the Netherlands
2012Residency at VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Brussels, Belgium
2007 - 2009Residency at the Rijksakademie, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2005Residency at the Vermont Studio Center, USA
In betweenSeveral workshops by international artists, Suriname
1997 - 1999Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts, Jamaica
(selected Top Student for 1999 graduating class)
1994 - 1995Art teacher training, I.O.L., Suriname
1993 - 1994Transitional year Anton de Kom University, Suriname
1987 - 1990Nola Hatterman Art Institute, Suriname
Work experience
2018Organized Moengo Festival of Visual Art II ,Tembe Fu Libi ,Moengo ,Suriname
2017Organized Moengo Festival of Theatre & Dance II , Pee Fu Wini ,Moengo Suriname
2016Organized Moengo Festival of Music ,Poku Fu Kenki II,Moengo ,Suriname
2015Organized Moengo Festival of Visual Arts, Tembe Fu Libi I, Moengo, Suriname
2014Organized Moengo Festival of Theatre & Dance ,Pee Fu Wini I,Moengo,Suriname
2013Organized Moengo Festival of Music I ,Poku Fu Kenki I ,Moengo,Suriname
2012Launch of ‘Boipili’, Marcel Pinas’ own line of silver jewelry inspired by maroon culture
2011Founder of CAMM - Contemporary Art Museum Moengo, Suriname
Since 2010Nominated and elected as Young Global Leader to the YGL community, part of the World Economic Forum. Since then participated in numerous YGL meetings and conferences in several countries worldwide.
2010Founder Kibii Wi Foundation and TAS - Tembe Art Studio in Moengo, Suriname, where people from local communities are trained in several art forms
Since 1992Artistic employee at the Nola Hatterman Art Academy
2021Gaaman Gazon award ,Paramaribo ,Suriname
2016Brasa dey award for Art ,Rotterdam,the Netherlands
2005First price for art structure, Bewegter Wind, Germany
2003Business Finance Art Award, Utrecht, the Netherlands
1999Edna Manley College for Visual and Performing Arts, Jamaica, Top Student 1999 graduating class
Solo exhibitions
2022Goontapoe ,Clubsolo,Breda ,the Netherlands
2021KUUBUTU ,Expoost ,Hoorn ,the Netherlands
2018Tembe Afaka,Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn, the Netherlands
2017Kibri a kulturu, AMC Galerie, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2016San Mi Abi ,Gallery Patries van Dorst,Wassenaar ,The Netherlands
2016Eside Tide Tamaa,Gallery Readytex,Paramaribo ,Suriname
2016KIbri A Kulturu,Gallery Beddington Fine Arts ,BArgemon,France
2015Kibri a kulturu,Smith Daidson Gallery,Amsterdam ,The Netherlands
2014Kibri a kulturu,Beddington Fine Art Gallery,Bargemon ,France
2013Kibri a kulturu ,Galerie Sanaa ,Utrecht the Netherlands
2013Kibri a kulturu Beddington Fine Art Gallery,Bargemon,France
2012Maroon culture relocated, Galerie SANAA, Utrecht, the Netherlands
2012Havana Biennial, Havana, Cuba
2012La Liberté PRK No???, Kultuurkaffee, Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB), Belgium
2011Kibii Wi Koni, Beddington Fine Art Gallery, Bargemon, France
2011Kibii Wi Koni Marcel Pinas The Event, Camp de la transportation, St.Laurent du Maroni, French Guiana
2011Kibii Wi Koni Marcel Pinas The Event, De Hal, Paramaribo, Suriname
2011Kibii Wi Koni Marcel Pinas The Event, comprehensive exhibition of installation art, KKF, Paramaribo, Suriname
2011Kibri a Kulturu, Bergen NH, the Netherlands
2011Kibii Wi Koni, La camp de la transportation, St. Laurent du Maroni, French Guiana
2009Kibii Wi, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, the Netherlands
2009Kibri a Kulturu, Gemak, The Hague, the Netherlands
2008Beddington Fine Art Gallery, Bargemon, France
2007Kibri a Kulturu, Cayenne, French Guiana
2007Kibri A Kulturu, Artlease/Contemporary Art, the Netherlands
2007AFAKA,Herman Krikhaar Gallery, Sallernes, France
2006Kibii Wi, Camp de la Transportation, French Guiana
2006Kibri a Kulturu, Readytex Art Gallery, Paramaribo,Suriname
2003Tembe, Readytex Art Gallery,Paramaribo, Suriname
Group exhibitions
2023God is moving into places ,Ifa gallery ,Stuttgart,Germany
2022Expositie Pinas & Makata ,SBK ,Amsterdam ,te Netherlands
2022Congo Biennale ,Kinshasa ,Congo
2022Marronnage ,maison de l’amerique latine ,Paris ,France
2022God is moving in places Ifa Gallery ,Berlin,Germany
2022Schurend Paradijs,Kunsthal Kade ,Ammersfoort,the Netherlands
2021Tomorrow is a different day,Stedelijk museum ,Amsterdam ,the Netherlands
2019De grote Surinaamse tentoonstelling,,Nieuwe kerk,Amsterdam ,the Netherlands
2017Group exhibition,Zwart glas,2.0 CBK Kunstcafe Zuidoost,Amsterdam ,The netherlands
2017Jamaica Biennial ,Kingston Jamaica
2016Group exhibition, Ondes “imprevuess””turning tide”,Memorial ACTe Parboussier ,Guadeloupe.
2016Group exhibition, Zwart Glas ,Glass museum, Leerdam ,The Netherlands
2015Opening exhibition of new location Readytex Art Gallery, Paramaribo, Suriname
2014SITElines.2014 – Unsettled Landscapes, Santa Fe, USA (upcoming in July)
2013Exhibition with goldsmith Ivan Chevillotte, Munich, Germany
2013Atelier Michel Fedoroff in Bargemon, France
2013Pigments>Guyanne, Martinique
2012Havana Biennial, Havana, Cuba
2012Caribbean: Crossroads of the World, El Museo del Barrio/ The Studio Museum/ Queens Museum, New York, USA
2012Who More Sci-Fi Than Us, Kunsthal Kade, Amersfoort, the Netherlands
2012Back to the roots, La Magnanerie de Seillans, Seillans, France
2011About Change, World Bank, Washington DC, USA
2011Wrestling with the image: Caribbean interventions, OAS, Washington DC, USA
2010Kunst is Kracht, Readytex Art Gallery in De Hal, Suriname
2010National Art Fair (NK’10), Paramaribo, Suriname
2010Lilly’s Galerie, The Hague, the Netherlands
2010Sribi Switi ,..Sa e Psa, Pulchri Studio, The Hague, the Netherlands
2010Paramaribo SPAN, DSB Bank, Paramaribo, Suriname
2010Biennale du Marronage, Matoury, French Guiana
2010Sure Suriname, Arti 10, The Hague, the Netherlands
20098 December public art installation, Fort Zeelandia, Suriname
2009National Art Fair (NK ’09), Paramaribo, Suriname
2009Licht aan Zee, Den Helder, the Netherlands
2009Kréyol Factory, Paris, France
2009Havana Biënnale, Cuba
2009Wakaman exhibition, Fort Zeelandia, Paramaribo, Suriname
2008Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2008Open Atelier Rijksacademie Amsterdam, the Netherlands Netherlands
2008MK Galerie, Berlin, Germany
2008Art Fair, Utrecht, the Netherlands
2007Latitudes 2007, Paris, France
2007National Art Fair, Paramaribo, Suriname
2007Open Atelier, Rijksacademie, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2007Art Move, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2007Infinite Island-Contemporary Caribbean Art, Brooklyn Museum, USA
2006Latitude 2006, Paris, France
2006Holland Art Fair, the Hague, the Netherlands
2006Kunst uit gepakt, Fundatie Museum, Zwolle, the Netherlands
2005Moved Wind Art (Bewegter Wind), Germany
2005Open House Exhibition Readytex Art Gallery, Suriname
2004Paris Cayenne, French Guiana
2004Open House Exhibition Readytex Art Gallery, Suriname
2003Art Gallery Otrabanda Vieja, Curaçao
2003Gallery Pauw, Oosterhout, the Netherlands
2003De erfenis van slavernij, Wereldmuseum, the Netherlands
2003Ancestral Whispers, Bolivar Gallery, Jamaica
2003Exotic Caribbean, the Netherlands
Public Art Installations
2008Moiwana Monument, district Marowijne, Suriname
2008Faaka Tiki art installation, Moengo, Suriname
2007Afaka art installation, Abadoekondre, Suriname
2006Reconnecting Africa permanent art installation, Tropenmuseum, the Netherlands
2006Totempole art installation, Fort Zeelandia, Suriname
2005Kokolampu installation for the occasion of 30 years independence, Suriname
2005Spoons installation, Saschenberg, Germany
2004Fu Memre Moiwana,art installation, district Marowijne, Suriname
2015Tembe Fu Libi, catalogue of exhibition Tembe Fu Libi, part of the Moengo Festival of Visual Arts
2012Sranan Art Xposed (SAX6) edition 6, July 2012
2011About Change-In Latin America and the Caribbean, Catalogue about the About Change Art Program of the World Bank in Washington DC, 2010/2011
2011ARC magazine, issue # 3, 2011
2011Sabaku, Suriname airways inflight magazine, August-October 2011 edition
2011Sranan Art Xposed (SAX5) edition 5, September 2011
2011Marcel Pinas. Artist, more than an artist, second catalogue about Marcel Pinas
2010Wrestling with the image-Caribbean interventions, digital catalogue of the exhibition at the OAS (as part of the About Change program of the Worldbank)
2010Paramaribo SPAN, catalogue of the exhibition
2008Wakaman. Drawing lines-connecting dots, catalogue of the exhibition
2006Kibri A Kulturu, first catalogue about Marcel Pinas